The Empowerment Project Ghana is an organization dedicated to coaching, capacity building and Church Solutions.

We seek to equip,train, and help provide the requisite foundation for the individual to maximize their life potential.

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Dedicated Coaching

Draw on the experience and expertise of others
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Experience is the best teacher. This does not mean you ought to have experienced it all to learn all that has to be learnt. Our coaching program allows you to draw on the experience and expertise of others to help improve upon your potential...
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Capacity Building

Many options to maximize your potential
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Every great organization is reliant on various teams for success. There is no leader who ever achieved it all on their own. It always begins with assembling a team who share and believe in your vision and philosophy. Another requisite element required for success is...
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Church Solutions

Start the journey now to become a Leader
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Church in this 21st Century has taken a different turn from the traditional way of doing church. This has been fueled by the rise in technology, education, media, prosperity, and secularism. In the 80s and 90s people wanted to belong to a church to have their...
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We Are Passionate About Helping Your Church Grow

God may have blessed your ministry with oil (the anointing). However, for the oil to be preserved, it has to be kept in a container.

A little oil kept in a container can make much lasting impact than much oil without a container.

The Empowerment Project brings on board its team with a rich experience in ministry, administration, and governance to help you formulate the right systems and structure to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of your ministry.

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Vandyck Lomotey Executive Vice President
Prosper Asamoah Executive President

Moses Asamoah Executive Vice President
Our strength lies in the resourcefulness, dedication, patience, and commitment of our team to help you succeed.

We bring on board experience from corporate practice, church life, teaching, research, pastoral ministry, and above all a deep passion for the glory of God.
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